Biodynamically grown, barrel aged, single vineyard rosé from Alisos Canyon, Santa Barbara County

Hussy is America’s first Grand Cru Rosé.

While most rosés are made with the grapes that weren’t good enough for red wines, Hussy is made with the biodynamically grown Grenache and Syrah grapes that were selected specifically for their quality.

Our last name is Huss, so you could say that Hussy is our namesake wine.

With Hussy we celebrate impudent and brazen people who know what they like and aren’t afraid to enjoy themselves. We don’t think there’s any shame in hedonistic and sensual pleasures. Those aspects of wine are why we fell in love with it in the first place, and we think wine should always retain its luscious sex appeal.

A healthy disrespect for tradition is another trait of Hussies. It’s one of the quintessential American values that leads to questioning the status quo, innovation, and discovery.

While everyone else is making young, fresh, and fruity rosés, we decided to treat our rosé like a classic white Burgundy, with a twist. We picked ripe, biodynamically grown Grenache and Syrah. We foot-stomped the Grenache to extract color, then pressed it with the whole, dark clusters of Syrah. We added a touch of sulfites and tartaric acid, then barrel fermented (naturally with native/ambient yeasts) and aged the Hussy in 20% new American oak barrels for 11 months.

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