Our Story

We make wine from only organically or biodynamically grown grapes and then we tell you every ingredient that is added during the winemaking process.

Our story has just begun. We are a passion-fueled, self-funded winery obsessed with crafting delicious wines with stylistic elements that are unique in the market (like single clone organic Pinot Noir and biodynamic barrel-aged rose), with an aim to elevate the standards of environmental responsibility and winemaking transparency. The grapes for our first vintage are currently on the vine, and will be harvested soon – fall 2019. We plan to release the wines from these grapes in 2021, and we hope you’ll help us continue to write our story.

Centralas is not a millionaire’s vanity project. We don’t have a celebrity spokesperson, a Silicon Valley investor, or famous sommelier attached to our winery. Not that we wouldn’t welcome them, that’s just not why we started Centralas.

The truth is that Centralas is a mission-based winery. We’re a husband and wife (and kitten) team who are putting our life-savings on the line for our values. All of this also probably means that we’re bad at math.

We founded Centralas because we believe that consumer choices shape the world. We can’t make good choices without good information, yet wine producers aren’t required to tell you what was sprayed on the grapes they used, or what they added during the winemaking process.

We eliminate the guesswork for you. Every bottle of Centralas wine is made from grapes grown in a certified organic or biodynamic vineyard, and every bottle lists all ingredients added during winemaking. That way you know you’re making a good choice. 


We love wine too much to let it be part of the problem. We want it to be part of the solution.

Learn more about our unique vineyards and our winemaking approach.

Organic single clone Pinot Noir grape buds on the vine – the future of Centralas