Our Story

Adam & Wendy stomping grapes

We love wine too much to let it be part of the problem, so we make wine that is part of the solution.

We are Adam & Wendy Huss, the husband & wife team who founded Centralas. Wendy is a librarian for the City of Los Angeles, and Adam has had a career in charity non-profits associated with the entertainment industry. We joke that it’s his experience with non-profits that inspired him to want to start a winery.

The true story of Adam’s love of wine began at the turn of the millennium, and is a bit more illicit. You’d have to ask him. Let’s just say that the name “Bandolero” for our Mourvèdre pays homage to this beginning.

The name Centralas comes from a mash-up of Central L.A. South – our home in Los Angeles, where we grow a small organic test vineyard in our front yard, as well as lots of fruit and nut trees, and vegetable and herb gardens. We keep wild bees and a wild kitten we found in our backyard one spring day. 

Wild bee keepers who like wild wine.

Knowing where our food and drinks come from, and how they were produced, is important to us. The environment, and therefore our lives, are extremely affected by the small choices we make every day – and the choice we make more often than almost any other choice is what we consume. If you’re like us, a lot of what you consume is wine.

For over ten years we made wine at home, because we love wine. As we learned more, we began to realize that so much of the wine industry is hidden behind a guise of romance. Idyllic images of vineyards, beautiful or rustic tasting rooms, classy labels and pristine stemware – yet the reality of many viticultural practices is anything but pretty. 

Wine production around the world uses millions of tons of harmful pesticides and herbicides, has a history of exploitative labor practices, and is not required to tell you what has been added to the wine. 

As much as we love wine, we didn’t want to support this kind of wine production. So we decided to create a winery to make the most amazing wine we could using only organic ingredients so that the choice to drink Centralas wines promotes a better world. 

We craft outstanding wine that is always organically or biodynamically grown, and we list every ingredient on the bottle, so that we can provide you with a wine drinking experience that is worry-free, environmentally positive, empowering, delicious, hopeful, and fun.

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To learn more about being part of the solution, check out our Think Wine blog where we highlight wine regions, producers, practices and issues that share our values, as well as news about our wine and winemaking.

We value:

  • Fostering connection – to the earth and to each other
  • Seeking the truth, rather than seeking to be right or comfortable, which implies the ability to admit when you’re wrong
  • Human health and culture over capital profit
  • Diversity of all kinds – backgrounds, perspectives, tastes, ideas – which implies inclusiveness
  • Hard work, humility, excellence, intelligence, creativity, and passion
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