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Only Organically Grown Grapes

If you buy a bottle of Centralas wine, your money supports organic viticulture because we only use organically grown grapes to make our wines.

Organic viticulture prevents harmful chemicals from entering our land, air, and waterways. It protects the health of the environment, which in turn protects our health. It also provides a clean and safe work environment for the humans and other animals who work and live in and around the vineyards.

Organic viticulture also protects biodiversity in the vineyard soil, flora, and fauna. This biodiversity contributes to the health of the vines and can lead to more complex and vibrant flavors in the resulting wine.

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Listing All Ingredients

There are well over 60 ingredients allowed to be added to wine, yet wine producers are not required to tell you about any of them (except sulfites). Most of these ingredients alter the flavor of the resulting wine, either by taking something away or adding something to the natural flavors, or by manipulating the perceived natural textures of the wine. We believe labeling of ingredients is something every wine producer should do, and we hope that this will soon be a legal requirement.

Centralas sets an example by listing all ingredients used, so you know exactly what goes into the wine you’re drinking.

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Natural, Low-intervention Winemaking

Wine is unique among alcoholic beverages in that it can have different flavors every year based on the weather that year, and because of the many aspects of the land where the vineyard grows. We love this about wine and don’t believe in making wine by trying to eliminate the variations through manipulation and chemical additives. We make wine by making the most of the variations caused by all the interconnected variables of weather and vineyard sites.

How do we do this?

  1. It all starts with the farming. Healthy, whole, organically grown grapes are necessary to avoid problems during fermentation because natural, healthy yeasts and bacteria that live on the grapes, and the absence of harmful chemicals, allow for a clean and complete fermentation.
  2. Our number one tool for ensuring delicious, complex, and balanced wines is our choice of when we pick the grapes. Knowing when to pick comes from observing the grapes of a specific vineyard for years and seeing how their chemistry and flavors change and impact the resulting wine depending on the weather and other viticultural factors. In California it’s easy to get ripe grapes most years, but hard to maintain acidity. Because of this we may pick multiple times for the same wine – some grapes earlier for greater acid, some later for more flavor development. This way we get vibrant balance and delicious complexity.
  3. A clean winery is essential for natural winemaking. Cleaning and sanitizing is not a sexy part of the job, but it makes sexy wine possible.
  4. If we get the first three things right, then we don’t have to add anything to the grapes in the winery. We simply allow naturally occurring yeasts to ferment the grapes, then store the resulting wine in used oak barrels to settle out sediment. We bottle without filtration or any other form of chemical or mechanical manipulation. We usually choose to add a very small amount of sulfites to protect the wines from spoilage and oxidation.

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Lightest Glass Bottles

We’ve selected bottles for our wines that are the lightest available in the industry – 30-50% lighter than an average wine bottle – and they are made in California.

We chose these light-weight, locally-made bottles to reduce the carbon footprint of getting our wines to your table. We also think that what’s in the bottle is much more important than the bottle itself.

Always Vegan, Gluten Free, & No Added Sugar

Because of our low-intervention approach to winemaking, all Centralas wines are 100% vegan, gluten-free, and we never add sugar.

Wild bee keepers who like wild wine.

About Us

The name Centralas comes from a mash-up of Central L.A. South – our home in Los Angeles, where we grow a small organic test vineyard in our front yard, as well as lots of fruit and nut trees, and vegetable and herb gardens. We keep wild bees, chickens, and a wild kitten we found in our backyard one spring day. 

We’re Adam & Wendy Huss.

Centralas happened because we wanted to bridge the gap we noticed between wine drinkers’ values and the kind of wine they buy. We saw that our friends and neighbors cared deeply about the environment and human welfare, but they bought industrial wine that is full of additives and made from grapes that were sprayed with all kinds of harmful chemicals. We wanted to eliminate that disconnect.

We love wine too much to let it be part of the problem. So we started Centralas so that wine could be part of the solution.

We built a mission-oriented winery on the twin pillars of organic viticulture and wine-making transparency to give wine lovers delicious options to drink wine that actually reflects their values.

Selling wine is really a secondary priority. Of course we need to sell wine to sustain the mission, but our primary desire is to promote organic values and make it easy for wine lovers to eliminate that gap between what they care about and what they consume.

Centralas is about connection.

We value:

  • Fostering connection – to the earth and to each other
  • Seeking the truth, rather than seeking to be right or comfortable, which implies the ability to admit when you’re wrong
  • Human health and culture over capital profit
  • Diversity of all kinds – backgrounds, perspectives, tastes, ideas – which implies inclusiveness
  • Hard work, humility, excellence, intelligence, creativity, passion… and a healthy dose of silliness.

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