Thank You

If you’ve read our post There Is No Such Thing As A Winemaker, then you know how indebted we are to everyone who has mentored us, inspired us, encouraged us, educated us, guided us, and contributed their work to the process that results in bottled joy, known as making wine.

We appreciate everyone from every step in this process, and we want to call them out by name. If you are someone who loves wine, or even (god forbid) have thought about making wine yourself, you can’t go wrong by getting to know the folks on this list better:

Everyone at Cellarmasters Los Angeles, who gave invaluable mentorship and really gave us our start in understanding how grapes become wine. But especially Dave Lustig, who may know more about making wine than any ten people combined, and who makes wine here in Los Angeles under the label Old Oak.

Jim Duane, Napa winemaker, for his Inside Winemaking podcast. This is the best technical podcast about how to make wine, bar none. We listened, and continue to listen, to every single episode. This is graduate school for winemaking.

Amy Luftig Viste and Jasper Dickson at Angeleno Wine Co. for their kindness and generosity with great advice, and for being an inspiration for everyone making hand-crafted, quality wine in Los Angeles.

And especially Dave, Joan, and Matt at Samsara Wine Co. for giving Centralas a winemaking home, and for caring for our babies when we can only be there in spirit. They run one of the best wineries in California and are experts in what they do.