Organically Grown single block single 667 clone Pinot Noir from the Santa Rita Hills

There are layers of meaning behind the name “Syren” (as we hope you’ll find layers of flavor-meaning when you drink it). We can’t tell you about everything Syren means to us – some are too personal – but what we can tell you is this:

It is made from a single Dijon clone 667 of the Pinot Noir grape, grown in a single block, in a singular certified Organic vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills. The first wine whose seductive music lured Adam into the world of wine in general, and Santa Barbara/Santa Rita Hills specifically, was a single block 667 clone Pinot Noir from the Santa Rita Hills that he tasted the year before the movie Sideways hit theaters.

The influence of the sea on the land is the reason the Santa Rita Hills exists. The undulating hills draw the essence of the ocean into the vineyards here, in a valley that is unique in the world. Nowhere else this far south in the Northern hemisphere is there a growing region this cool.

It is a liminal region, a fitting home for Syrens, at the edge of things both seen and unseen. The Pinot Noir grown here devours these elements and – when made carefully, gently, and thoughtfully into wine – it holds depths only equaled by the ocean.

The grapes for Syren were hand-picked in darkness. De-stemmed, and allowed to ferment naturally with ambient/native yeasts and microbes, the grape skins were re-submerged by hand each day during a cool, slow primary fermentation. The black wine that results was pressed into 225 L oak barrels – 100% neutral – for 11 months.

In 2019 in addition to a minimal effective amount of sulfites, we added a very small amount of acidulated water to lower and balance the final alcohol content of the wine.

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