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In 2007 I started my first wine blog called Pinot Now, at Below is the text that I posted on the “About” page. I’m surprised at how much it expresses what I still believe, and what we’re trying to do with Centralas Wine. Enjoy!

Pinot Now – About

This site is dedicated to bringing much needed change to the wine industry and revolutionizing the ways we think about wine.

Hi, I’m Adam.

Picking Pinot Noir.
That’s me. Picking organically grown backyard Pinot Noir.

While traveling in Europe in my 20’s I had a revelation: I had taken time out of my life and  spent thousands of dollars to fly halfway around the world to admire the rich culture of the “old country,” yet for Europeans this was their mundane every-day. The exotic, beautiful, unfamiliar otherness and scintillating cultural fabric of “far away” are always, for somebody, just “home.” What if I looked at my home as that cultural destination, rather than a place to vacate?

Why not create something of my own home that I admired as much as the places I wanted to travel to? Why not take the money and time I would spend going somewhere else and instead invested it in crafting a home that was every bit as rich and cool as what I’d find anywhere else in the world?

I realized the importance of taking pride in the place you’re from. I saw I needed to deem my own culture worthy of time to craft, effort for excellence, creativity for culture. By simply shifting my perspective I saw that I already owned the very thing I sought, and by seeking it elsewhere I was only robbing it of the time and energy it needed to be shaped and polished into the beautiful gem that it is.

That is the essence of Pinot Now. To inspire craftsmanship and excellence, and to build and encourage others to build a rich cultural heritage here and now… especially as it relates to wine. Wine to me represents quality of lifestyle.

Of course I think travel is important. (Hey, I wouldn’t have had this revelation otherwise!) And when I talk about taking pride in the place I’m from, I’m not talking about some rah-rah American ego-centrism that disparages anything different. Appreciation of diversity enables us to see that we all can equally contribute to developing a rich culture anywhere. Each of us is a world to be explored and admired, if we take an appreciative perspective.

I live in South Los Angeles (aka South Central), one of the coolest and culturally richest places on earth, and I have a couple dozen Pinot Noir vines growing in my yard*… actually instead of my yard.  I treat my entire yard as a garden, and my house as a villa. I grow, make, drink, judge, analyze, appreciate, age, serve, and love wine. I also love to talk and write about it.

Thanks so much for reading… Enjoy!

*Now 2 Pinot Noir vines and 15 Syrah vines, all grown organically.

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