How Do We Determine The Price of Centralas Wines?

What to charge for Centralas wines is a question that we have pondered and wrestled with for months. After struggling with innumerable calculable and intangible factors, we finally realized the decision was easy. We had to price the wine to reflect the mission of Centralas.

We have priced Centralas wines so that we can have a sustainable business while also providing an extreme value to lovers of ultra-premium wine. Because of the costs of producing high quality, no-expense-spared limited quantity wines from exceptional organic and biodynamic vineyards, we can never compete in price with the mass produced, chemically tainted, manipulated wine-beverages that are available in the grocery store. However, if you compare our wines to others in their categories, you’ll find Centralas wines to be priced well below market.

Why would we under-price our wines and there by undercut our potential profits?

I joke that I had a career of over 15 years in non-profits, so that’s my model for running a winery.

Within that joke is a lot of truth.

We want our wine to be affordable for the majority of us with ordinary means, because we want to spread the values of organic and biodynamic winegrowing. Those values shouldn’t be for the wealthy elite. (Though we hope the wealthy elite will take advantage of our below market prices and make our wines their daily pours.)

We aren’t doing this for the money. We’re not even really doing it to sell wine.

Yes, we love wine. But what we want to spread is connection. 

That’s our mission – to promote connection. Connection to the earth. Connection to each other. 

Wine just happens to be the perfect way for us to do that. Organically and biodynamically grown wine, that is. 

We want to make your support for Centralas the easiest and most enjoyable way for you to support a cleaner, greener, and more connected world. 

We believe that each of us has a lot of power to make change by taking simple actions every day. How we spend our money is the most important form of voting we have. It’s important because what you choose to drink and eat is a vote you make every day, and it determines the direction of an entire agricultural industry – the industry that may have one of the greatest impacts on our environment and our world. 

Therefore we have priced our wine so that it can be a regular choice, not just a special occasion.

But with wine that promotes this much positive change, tastes this good, and at these prices – every bottle is a special occasion.

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